Twelve fairy floral dresses, full of fashion

French vintage floral dress

“There is an invisible spring breeze in the air, and the romance slowly ferments in the body.

A passionate gesture makes people happy.”

floral dresses

French square collar floral pleated dress

“Daisy X-bellflower cluster flower pattern, attached to the soft chiffon fabric, combined with the French retro version, the pleated skirt is elegant when walking”

floral dresses

Vintage fairy floral dress

“A glance at the BRIDAL DRESS, a minimalist strap dress with a long streamline design, a slanted hem for a fit, and a shoulder strap for the belt.”

floral dresses

Floral loose shirt dress

“The lily of the valley is only open with the spring breeze of May, and its words are – return of happiness”

floral dresses

Niche Floral Wrapped Platycodon Skirt

“The chest has a smocked design, just the right small lotus leaf trim, which lengthens the proportion of the body”

floral dresses

Hong Kong small temperament dress

“Daisy X-bellflower cluster flower pattern, it must be this blush, the balance between quiet and bright, inclusive, easy and casual”

floral dresses

Floral chiffon temperament tea break dress

“Exquisite and elegant, sexy but not beautiful, classic wrap-around one-piece design, just like tailor-made”

floral dresses

Green print dress

“Put the fresh and romantic green plant on the body, the green grass and the green, and the warmth of the heart.”

floral dresses

Yellow floral dress

“The bright yellow floral dress that makes people shine, the strength is white”

floral dresses

Printed Silk Dress

“This year’s grape smoothie purple has reached a perfect balance between literature and beauty.

Oversized, waist-slim, export 5A-class silk fabric, comes with a Sicilian style”

floral dresses

Refreshing light pink silk platy skirt

“Italian niche designer series, the print is light and light, front and rear V-neck design,

The feeling of peach on earth…

Irregular multi-piece design on the hem, the crowd squats back and admire! ”

floral dresses

Silk-to-silver print dress

“The whole piece of silk consumes huge fabrics, and the effect is really literary and elegant. It looks white and young, and the glimmer is a literary feeling of a dream lover.”

floral dresses