2019 popular style silk floral dress, this match you deserve to have

What style of silk dress is popular this year? Silk dress is very popular this summer. The solid color sling silk skirt is the sexiest, and the printed silk skirt and silk skirt are also very popular. Let’s take a look at their match.

Solid color sling silk skirt

The pure color skirt is actually the most temperament, especially the style of the sling, without any excessive design and decoration, let the skirt return to the original taste, wearing a feminine, very noble, choose this dress When you must choose a waist design, it is easy to wear a pajamas.

floral dress

Printed silk dress

The second set will be a little more special. This is a dress made of a large scarf. The print on the scarf is very fresh. It is not too fancy to match the silk fabric. Instead, there is a special sense of high quality that is very eye-catching.

floral dress

Silk skirt

Finally, a silk fabric skirt, if you feel that the whole body is wearing silk fabric too bright, you can choose the style of this skirt, especially this bright color skirt is especially popular this year, with some dark tops and bags It will be very special, and let the casual style of the moment have a feminine taste.

floral dress

Silk skirt with Raiders

Gold silk suspender skirt + sunscreen shirt + slippers

With 1, to make yourself more feminine, choose the summer silk material of the suspender skirt concave shape, it is beautiful, take a simple sunscreen shirt, and bring you a full fashion sense. Slippers, such a combination of wear and tear out of the street, super feminine, and the rate of return is also very high.

Blue silk skirt + T-shirt + pointed shoes

With 2, this year is very popular with this little boy blue color, it looks very advanced and beautiful, choose the summer blue silk skirt with T-shirt, it will be so beautiful, so elegant, and then this year The same popular pointed shoes are full of femininity.

floral dress

Silver silk suspender dress + stiletto shoes

With a silk dress that floats in the wind, it is very cool to wear on a hot summer day, and it has a feminine effect. With elegant stiletto shoes, it can be perfectly modified to your leg shape. Whether you are outing the street, whether it is an outing or shopping, it is very suitable, and the eye-catching rate is also very high.

Gold silk suspender dress + slippers + crossbody bag

With a 4, gold silk suspender dress, not only can you bring sexy and cool feel, but also increase your femininity, revealing a sexy back, looking back and laughing, even if it is full of comfort The slippers are so elegant, and then you can wear a cross-body bag at random. The whole funky summer look is done.

floral dress